BS in Computer Systems from Fordham University, New York. Career in Information Systems Support across many different industries (Academic, Legal, Defense, Cargo Airline, Productivity Consulting, etc). Retail Sales/Operations Management.

Macro-focused Master in Social Work from University of Southern California.

Earned my Private Pilot Certificate (ASEL) from D’Angelone Aviation at Bayport Aerodrome (23N) turf field in 1995.

1LT Safety Officer for Squadron 129, Civil Air Patrol in Torrance, CA. In 2001, awarded “Safety Officer of the Year” for Civil Air Patrol (California Wing).

Reported to Mark Galloway (Safety Program Manager, LAX FSDO) as Aviation Safety Counselor.

Aircraft checked out in include: Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Diamond DA-20.

This blog captures my journey back to the left seat as “Pilot in Command”. Numerous inflight technical enhancements, online support tools, communication methods, and links to other aviators have been introduced since 1998.

For Project and Action Support I will integrate (by example) David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) systematic approach to personal productivity. I’ve integrated GTD since 2006, and been affiliated with the company supporting Information Technology systems since 2007.

“Welcome to the Flightdeck!”