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IMSAFE Checklist

The IMSAFE acronym is really important for all pilots to follow as a self-check before taking flight. In my opinion, this is the ultimate test of whether I’m behaving as Pilot in Command or not. I’m categorizing this as Checklists, … Continue reading

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Medical Certificate incl BasicMed

Looks like there have been some changes in medical certification. In the past, I’ve always gone to an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner). Now it looks, for specific medicals, there’s something called BasicMed. One thing similar to what I remember is … Continue reading

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Documents required for pilot

There are several physical documents required to be in the aircraft with the pilot: –Pilot Certificate. The FAA standardized several years ago with a hard plastic version, which I have. There is a regulation for that – (14 CFR 61.19(g)). … Continue reading

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