IMSAFE Checklist

The IMSAFE acronym is really important for all pilots to follow as a self-check before taking flight. In my opinion, this is the ultimate test of whether I’m behaving as Pilot in Command or not. I’m categorizing this as Checklists, … Continue reading

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Medical Certificate incl BasicMed

20210709 – I’m including a link to an AOPA article on this topic.  Seems that BasicMed is still viable.  My only concern is that my relationship with medical provider is more with a Physician Assistant – does that make a … Continue reading

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Documents required for pilot

There are several physical documents required to be in the aircraft with the pilot: –Pilot Certificate. The FAA standardized several years ago with a hard plastic version, which I have. There is a regulation for that – (14 CFR 61.19(g)). … Continue reading

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