Reviewing AOPA Rusty Pilot site

AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association) has done a good job of gathering information and resources for lapsed pilots that are wanting to “pick up from where they left off from”. There are on-site seminars, on-line seminars, pamphlets to download, online training videos, etc.

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Configuration of website

Action Support for website configuration:

GTD Menus for Project and Action Support

-Standard GTD Horizons of Focus (details within menu)

Creative use of tags to highlight “status” of blog posts

-Runway, In-Process = In-Process blog posts

-Runway, Pending = Blog posts that are being briefly delayed

-Runway, Completed = Completed actions within a blog post

-Runway, Checklists = Variety of checklists and workflow


-A means of grouping similar blog posts together


-Organizations that I routinely go to for information

-People I routinely go to for learning something, networking, information

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